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Welcome and thank you for visiting the CWIB Website and we believe this will be one of your most rewarding web explorations.

Christian Women in Business (CWIB) brings together and supports women who are in business. This forum provides a creative environment in which to start, develop and find solutions to business problems. The forum facilitates the opportunity to promote understanding and provide training/seminars and workshop events that are relevant to helping women and their businesses to grow. Members are from a wide range of business background.

CWIB is mainly for Christians and the mandate for this ministry is to help new ministries grow and support the work of God this end time via Redemptionpoint.

CWIB supports Christians with business ideas, and in some instances help financially where possible.

Business Woman

Christian Women in business programmes and benefits include:

  • Monthly evening networking and training events
  • Members only surgeries covering various business topics
  • Business events
  • Opportunities to share best practice
  • Advertising/marketing strategies
  • Research methodologies
  • Information on other relevant events, workshops and conferences
  • Advice on career change and confidence building
  • Mentoring & Support/Counselling
  • What God says about business
  • Prayer Support
  • Networking
  • Retreats
  • Forum for friendship building
  • Free Legal Consultation exclusive to members
  • Discounted payroll services exclusive to members' businesses.

Call in for prayer support whatever your business problems, talk to us and we
will pray with you for God's super natural intervention.

Do not be alone, we want
to stand with you.

Call from 7.30pm - 9.30pm or email your prayer request.

Support for Business Women

CWIB is a God given vision to empower, coach and mentor Christian women who do business. CWIB is non-denominational offering a variety of activities, opportunities and arenas in which to become involved. CWIB is a fast growing organisation dedicated to business women who plan to start their own business, women already in business, women who want to grow their business or women looking for career change in business but do not know how or what to do.

We offer both business support and motivational support in and around the UK.

Perhaps you work from home, or an entrepreneur or an online marketing specialist. We all have one thing in common to honour Christ in our work and do business at the highest levels of integrity.

CWIB Supports Christian Ministries: Redemption Point Ministries and The Fathers Blessing Orphanage to mention a few.


Our meetings are held once a month, on the 3rd thursday of each month at 7.30pm-9.30pm. Meetings are held in a mutually encouraging environment. Because we understand how isolated women can feel especially when working from home, and because we know the importance of interaction, fellowship with people of like-minded business women in a structured meeting environment that generates results. Our meetings are not only for referral networking but they are purposeful, fun and structured which gives women a sense of belonging.

Running your own business as women with other family commitments and responsibilities could be a daunting experience as well as challenging yet rewarding when you network with the right crowd of people where Jesus is the centre of it all, where solutions are found to problems and where goals and dream are realised.

Christian Women in Business have a lot in common. They are determined, ambitious, entrepreneurs, high-spirited and willing to put themselves out and help others achieve goals, promoting their business and gaining more contacts.

Bible Women in Business

Are you in doubt about Christian women doing business? Come let's talk about Bible women in business. Let's see what God says about them. Examples [1] Is from the book of Proverbs 31

Every Month You will read about a different woman and What God says. This Month of April is about The Virtuous Woman. Click on What the Bible says.

Discussion Taking place on Meeting Days

  • Exploring Business Ideas
  • What Home Business Is Best for Mothers with Children For Financial Stability
  • Find Out the Way to Succeed With Internet Marketing
  • Other Business Opportunities
  • Seminars/Workshops


Christian Women in Business
P.O. Box 2952
Coulsdon, Surrey CR5 1XU
Tel: 01737 551 974
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