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PROVERBS 31 : Verses 10-31

The qualities of a virtuous woman is priceless. Note verse 16-22: She knows when to plant a vineyard, and she always works very hard. She knows when to buy or sell. (Investments and returns on investment). It can be investment of any sort but the fact is the word "SHE KNOWS", makes all the difference. In other words timing is crucial, wait for the karios time "appointed time". There is the planting and harvesting time "process". Praying and finding out business viability, skills required or which needs to be developed and which specific area is God asking you to go into.

Many of us can do a whole lot of things but the question is where am I called to be and in which area of business will I thrive.

Verse 14 ; She stays busy - as the saying goes an idle mind is the Devils's workshop, don't stay idle be in the right circle, associate with people that will bring the best out in you, be busy doing something worthwhile.

Verse 19: She spins her own cloth - if you can, why not, she helps the poor and the needy, God wants to bless you so you can be a blessing, it is not for you to keep. She does her own sewing and everything she wears is beautiful.

Note Verse 31: Charm is deceitful and beauty fades away but a woman who fears and honours God, deserves to be praised.

Even if you are not yet that woman, God can make you that woman. God can make you be that woman you desire to be, God will give you new skills like he gave to Daniel. The Lord will take you to places you never dreamt of. God can change your entire course of life and give you new purpose and new direction. You must believe and have faith in God.

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